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10 Aug 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

When you move out of your home for college, you expect to meet new people at college, but what you don't realize is you would meet new people at the place you live too. And the latter is way more important. 

In college, you just go and attend classes, maybe hang out and do some projects together. But where you live is your comfort place, the one which you come back to after having a tiring day. And this place is where the real game is because you are in there for a longer run. 

You can choose to live in a simple rented apartment and sulk for the rest of your time, coming from a place of experience you would not have the time, energy, will, and expertise to handle that aspect of life yet. 

So, here we are at Hive Hostels, making sure that your college life is as smooth as it can be. You can leave everything to us and focus on your studies, projects, and having fun. 

Easy living

We don't know how many times we have emphasized the fact how by choosing us you bunk the hassle of dealing with brokers and landlords, finding a roommate, etc. 

Let's make it easier for you, just go to our website and you are just a click away from having a perfectly comfortable, fully furnished best room for you. When you live with us, we take care of most things. Some of which are, you don't have to worry about cleaning, our housekeeping team takes care of it. We'll do the laundry too, again our super active housekeeping team is up to it. Food is obviously covered and that too freshly cooked, delicious 4 meals a day. We have a pick-up and drop service too and last but not least we provide salon services in the hostels.

Don't think it would be a boring place, where you'll be doing your assignments only, NO! We have a great common room and gym and a recreational room for that dance and jam sessions. We believe we've got you all covered. If you think you would need anything else while you live with us, do let us know. We'll make sure to provide the best service. 


The plan of cooking yourself three healthy meals every day looks good on paper only. We all know you would not have the time and energy (and zeal) to cook for yourself daily and that too three meals. The idea of going out and buying groceries or even ordering them scares many of us. Because if you buy, they'll most likely end up rotting or you would completely forget to buy and then the chaos would begin. If you are thinking of opting for a tiffin service then don’t, please, we beg you. We all know how terrible these tiffins are. And ordering daily is not a good option health-wise and financially too. With our in-house kitchen service, you can get your meals customized according to you. And this service is 24*7. 

Experiential living

Since this is a new phase of your life and you are finding your voice and self at this moment, it is very important to break out of your shell and be present in the full capacity to explore and experience what the world has to offer to you. 

You will meet many new people and have many newfound emotions. Through these times you would roar and sink and many more ups and downs. Having a person by your side is very important in times like these. At Hive Hostels, we are sure you would make friends that are there for you through the thick and thin and lifetime. You will get to experience a new culture and many new things, and you should be able to absorb and cherish them all. 

No strict landlord

Let's face it, everyone hates the PG vali aunty who locks the door at just 10. And when you return should have a whole CBI inquiry session with you. Take a break aunty is what is running in your head at that ungodly hour, but aunty wants every detail down to the T. At Hive hostels, we are as concerned about your safety and well-being as any responsible being would be, but we would never meddle with your personal life. At Hive you have the liberty and freedom to make your own rules because it is your life, and you know your timings better than we do. 

Not just rooms

We do not just provide beds and tables, but we try to provide you with an experience. We have an in-house gym, whenever you feel like doing some activity it is always open. We have a mini theatre, which you can enjoy at any time. Start planning your movie marathon now. We have yoga dance, aerobics, and many more classes. 

Do you need more convincing, or you are going to make that phone call to Hive?

Summary: Hive Hostels provides an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. We make sure that your college life is smooth and that all that you have to care for are you and your goals. Contact us for more information. 

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