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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are leaving your home to study, your Hostel becomes your refuge, a comfort zone away from home. Moving out can be a little intimidating at first, but it’s just a ghost that’s never under your bed, trust us! Here are some FAQs that you are too shy to ask, so we answered regardless.

Why is Living in a PG in Mumbai Cost-Effective?

Staying in a hostel is cheaper since the management serves a large number of people at once, thus cutting the operational, functional and other costs. Also, the cost gets equally divided among all the residents, which further gives added economic advantage.

How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Mumbai?

As per the feedback given by our community, Hive Hostels are the best place for student accommodation with lip-smacking meals, every-day room cleaning, frequent laundry service and 10/10 hygiene measures.

How Safe are PGs in Mumbai During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we integrated the advanced safety and security measures in our everyday cleaning procedures. Even in the Post-Covid world, we have a strict Covid-19 action-ready framework.

What is the Scope of Co-living (Unisex) PG in Mumbai?

With the co-living facilities, you can get better-designed spaces with modern and varied amenities. You can save plenty of money with that.

How to Search for an Affordable PG Near Me?

You can find a great PG at any preferred location across India through our site www.thehivehostels.com. Visit our Home Page, select the area you are locating to, and you’ll find the most luxurious, suitable and comfortable Hostel/PG.

Which type of PG Accommodation in Mumbai Is better? Single or Multiple Occupancy?

Choosing between both is entirely your call. Single occupancy can be better if you want more privacy. But multiple occupancies are better if you have a tight budget and are ready to make millions of memories with roommates.

Why is Hive Hostels Better than Local PG?

Hive Hostels offer you modern facilities, including Meals, Laundry Service, Wifi, Room Cleaning Facility, Recreation Zone, Vending Machine, along with a safe and secure environment.

How Much Will a Fully-Furnished PGs Near Me Cost?

A fully-furnished PG will cost you between 15000 to 25000.

How Safe are PGs for Students and Working Professionals?

Hive Hostels PGs are safe for students and working professionals as they take utmost care of safety and privacy with 24/7 camera surveillance, security guard, and staff members always there to your aid.

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