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A luxurious lifestyle is a way of life, and we certainly understand that. Live in our Hive Luxe properties to experience a lifestyle of the highest quality.

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  • Extravagant Services

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  • Best-In-Class Technology
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Student Experiences

Know what it is like to live the good life.

Preeti Kuber

Pune, Maharashtra

My family and I were very scared at the start as this was the first time I was going to live out of my house and share a space with unknown people. However, this was short-lived as my first call with Shubhangi and her team at Bayside was so reassuring and their service made me feel secure and I enjoyed the environment during my stay.

Arvind Jayakar

Noida, Delhi

I am beyond impressed by Hive. They know how to treat their people. The staff is helpful and friendly. Their prices are ideal for the amenities and services they provide. Most importantly, I say all this because they employed me, which is something I have not heard or seen of before.

Raj Seth

Mumbai, Maharashtra

This is my second hostel experience and I’m so happy stayed at a hostel that wasn’t restricted to my college. The main reason is that I enjoyed the diverse group of people other than people specializing in my field. Great service as well.

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