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07 Oct 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

Moving to a new city comes with a lot of baggage in every sense. You take baby step for the process or go with full throttle and take a leap of faith. There is no middle path in this process. 

For the step-by-step transition you say your goodbyes and start taking a mental note of the moving away thing, you cope with posting on social media or sating immensely close with the friends you already have. 

Or you make the big move and embrace the new city with open arms and declare your big move at once. The process can be difficult but what needs to be done, needs to be done!

Here's a quick guide which would make your leaving, settling, and owning the transition slightly easier and comfortable. 

Patience helps!

The new city at first may not feel welcoming or may not live up to its hype as you would have thought. But give the city its due time to prove it to you. Don't jump into conclusions too fast. Maybe it would grow over you or maybe you'd fall in love with it in a few months. But time and patience are the key in this process. 

Explore it

You should definitely go out and experience the city in its raw form. Keep your mind and heart open and elevate your other senses too. Maybe that 6 am sunrise tea on the corner of the street actually worth it. Sync with the beat of the city and then see its magic. Obviously, you would not know the city in a matter of days, but that doesn't mean you should remain oblivious to the beauty and depth the city holds. 

Go local

As they say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, it applies universally too. If you are settling into a new city, make sure you respect the city for its individuality and try to blend in in some small ways that would make you feel included in a sense that you would be comfortable calling it your home for the time you live there. Pick up local slangs or whatever you like about the city. 

Food to the rescue

Trying out local food or street food and getting your taste buds accustomed to the local food is a big step forward. There might be things you really like and would love to eat forever, not matter where you go. 

Rebuild yourself

This might be the one defining chance you are trying to find for yourself to start it all over again or to try a new lifestyle for yourself. This might be a good time to experiment and find your true persona in many terms. You would be able to discover a new side to yourself. You would be able to develop some new skills and the possibilities are unlimited. 

Find that one thing that is a part of you

The one thing is at times very difficult to define. But it can be anything from music to sports to books to dance etc etc. Join some platforms where you can find the latest events happening in your vicinity. Maybe you can be a part of a jam session or a book club or make some new friends over a squash session. 

Bring your essence

To keep you grounded and make you feel comfortable in a new city. A new city won’t feel so new if you surround yourself with things familiar to you. A photo of the family trip, a gift from that special someone or anything else that’ll help your new environment feel like home. 

Summary: When you move to a new city, give the new city its fair share of time to adjust and make yourself at home. We at Hive Hostels make sure that your move to the new city is extremely smooth and comfortable. 

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