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24 Jun 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

Now you either are anxious about finding good accommodation or think they could just do a simple online search and find their ideal student hostel accommodation in Bengaluru.

Traditionally you would have to worry about many things like, “Does my PG have good Wifi?”, “Do they have comfortable beds in my Hostel?”, “Will the people there be friendly?”, “How good will the food be”, and such other never-ending questions relating to security, proximity to colleges, and so much more all within your budget.

Since you are reading this, you are lucky, you have Hive Hostels!

Welcome to Hive Hostels, India’s Fastest Growing Student Community, providing you with the finest student hostel accommodation at the most affordable rates throughout India.

At Hive, we are proud, passionate, and relentless to create the greatest holistic experiences that enable you to unleash your greatest potential. We provide you with the finest lifestyle, community, resources, and opportunities to make it happen.

Here are the Best Budget-Friendly Options for the Students of Bangalore:

Best Boys Hostel Option For Students of Bangalore

Tulip By Hive 

Tulip by Hive is a great option for boys looking for a comfortable hostel in Bannerghatta, near Christ University.

 You have great local tasty chefs cooking up storms for you, along with fast wifi, the best beds, friendly local staff, and every convenience provided for, like laundry, housekeeping, etc. 

You even have great fun amenities like entertainment zones, gyms, and bicycles to make your stay the most comfortable it could ever be.

All this is available in single, double, and triple sharing room layouts to cater to every need of yours with prices starting at just ?15,000.

Best Girls Hostel Option For Students of Bangalore

Amore By Hive

Amore by Hive is a girls' safest and most spacious and beautiful home available near Christ University in Bannerghatta. 

We have the best staff providing you with the best food, security, and experiences throughout your stay.You have the best entertainment facilities as well to engage with your community of like-minded girls. Enjoy all these perks and more with single, double, and sharing room options starting at just ?15,000. 

Common Questions Students Asks

What Is The Difference between a Paying Guest (PG) vs Hive Hostel Resident in Bangalore

We have revolutionized the PG concept when we combined modern student accommodation along with our unique community-driven approach to provide the finest student hostel accommodation and experiences.

You can be sure that you will receive the finest hostel experiences and engage with India’s best student community when you choose to stay at Hive. 

This is exactly why we say, “You Just Don’t Stay With Us, You Live With Us.”

Which is Better PG or Flat in Bangalore?

You tell us, would you want to pay more for a flat that doesn’t provide you with basic conveniences to live your best life, and also be deprived of a great community?

Or would you like to live with a great community of people who can help you and will make your stay much more fun along with a great team of people providing you with every convenience of life like food, laundry, housekeeping, and many more conveniences?

Yes, you got that right, Hive Hostels is your best pick as we have the best boys and girls hostel accommodation in Bangalore with the best services and amenities that give you the best value for your money


You should not only choose Hive Hostels because of our best-in-class accommodation, but you should mainly choose us for our relentless passion and drive to provide our community with every experience they need to live their best lives and make the most of the invaluable people around them and grow together.

Hive Hostels is home and our students are our family, you find a community-driven hostel providing such exceptional value for your money anywhere else. 

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