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30 May 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore, is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Bengaluru is famously known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ or the ‘IT capital of India’ for being the largest exporter of IT services in India.

The huge spike in opportunity has led to huge demand and popularity of young talent moving into Bengaluru.

If you too are a student or young professional looking to move to Bengaluru to pursue your dreams and need the best hostels in Bangalore for students during your stay there, Hive Hostels Bengaluru got you covered, do read on.

About Coliving in Bengaluru

Coliving is when you rent out a community space for people of similar interests and demographics to achieve a great lifestyle while being around an invaluable network of people.

It is a great opportunity to make the most of your time and get a chance to grow & learn with your peers by virtue rather than by going out of your way to do so.

Why Is Coliving The Best Option In Bengaluru?

Coliving has gained a great amount of popularity over the last few years due to the great conveniences and value coliving hostels in Bangalore provide by virtue.

Coliving provides you with cheaper accommodation, a convenient lifestyle with all chores taken care of, a diverse invaluable network, and fun memories for a lifetime.

Hive Hostels strives to take every step to provide each and every student with the best service, experiences, and opportunities to enable our community to thrive.

Hive Hostels Coliving Spaces In Bengaluru

Hive Hostels is on a mission to provide every student of Bengaluru with the finest accommodation and experiences at our student hostels.

We currently only have a boys' student hostel in Bengaluru and are loaded with every modern amenity and convenience in order to provide you with the finest luxury stay in Bangalore.

We currently have a Boys PG near Bannerghatta Main Road, located ideally near Christ College students looking for the best PG near Bannerghatta Road.

Get the ideal value for your money with Hive Hostels' exceptional community-driven environment and experiences, along with the comfort and happiness of the finest lifestyle at Hive Hostels Bengaluru.


Bengaluru is currently at its peak in terms of opportunities and is only going to emerge to exponentially grow in the near future.

We have so much in store for our community at Hive Hostels Bengaluru, do contact us to get a better understanding of our vision and why we are your best space for the dreams you chase.

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