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The Hive Hostels: The best PGs for boys and girls

Whether you’re a student in Delhi, looking for an affordable PG to stay in or a working professional, searching for a comfortable PG in Delhi, The Hive Hostels has the perfect PG for you that will take care of your needs with all amenities. From amazing, hygienic food to excellent security measures and everything in between, The Hive Hostels is a one-stop solution for all your PG needs.


Safest PGs in Delhi for students

At The Hive Hostels, we aim to offer secure PGs and hostels for girls and boys. Nestled in some very sheltered localities in Delhi, The Hive Hostels are built keeping the needs of students in mind, their safety being the foremost.

We have deployed many security measures to ensure that our students always feel at home, away from any sort of harm’s way. Our hostel and PG premises are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, keeping an eye open around the clock for the well-being of students. Our well-trained security guards at the entrance add another layer of protection, making sure that students go out and come back to the hostel on time.

How to get an ideal PG in New Delhi?

Living in Delhi for your studies is easy, affordable and safe with The Hive Hostels. For every person relocating to Delhi for higher education or a job, The Hive Hostels has curated a perfect room in their PG and hostels for girls and boys. All you have to do is browse through The Hive Hostels’ website, insert the location you wish to stay in and you’ll find a list of PGs and hostels for girls and boys available at or around the locality.

So, whether you’re looking for a PG near the Hansraj college or in South Delhi, The Hive Hostels are available across the city of Delhi, anywhere and wherever you want, at a convenient distance from your college.

What services can I get in a women’s hostel in Delhi?

At Hive Hostels, you get every service you can imagine from the comfort of your PG room. Living in The Hive Hostels in Delhi, you get delicious meals 3-4 times a day, housekeeping service on a daily basis, regular laundry service, doctor on demand, high-speed wifi, and a vending machine for hot beverages. So if you are looking for a PG for girls in Kamla Nagar or Satya Niketan, The Hive Hostels is the best student accommodation for you.

Best hostel room services for boys in Delhi

With the presence of The Hive Hostels in Delhi, boys can easily find a PG by Hive where they will get laundry and housekeeping services, high-speed wifi, 3-4 meals a day, along with a vending machine for hot beverages and a recreational room for games in spare time.

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Welcome to The Hive Hostels, your home away from home in Delhi, India! We are a community-driven hostel that provides an affordable, comfortable, and safe place to stay for students.
If you're looking for a luxurious and comfortable hostel in Delhi, then the Hive Hostels is the place for you! We are located in the vicinity of multiple educational institutes in this vibrant city making it easier for you to navigate through the city. Apart from great locations and spacious rooms here are some of the facilities we provide to make your life easier at the Hive Hostels!

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Your Luxury Stay In Delhi

Amenities offered by the Hive Hostels:

• Comfortable Beds:

: We know how important a good night’s sleep is. Hence, we provide clean and comfortable beds for you to sleep on, ensuring that you get a good night's rest.

• Free Wi-Fi:

Staying connected with loved ones is important, which is why we provide free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel.

• Recreational Areas:

If you need to catch up on work or simply relax, we have a comfortable lounge area with books and board games for your entertainment

• Timely Meals:

Hive Hostel in Delhi provides freshly cooked meals and hot coffee to keep you healthy and happy.

• Housekeeping and Laundry Service:

We will take care of messy rooms and dirty laundry. Coming back to your room after a hectic day will be something you will look forward to!

• Doctor on call:

We provide a doctor-on-call facility for medical emergencies.

• Bicycle on demand:

If you want to explore the city or just go to your college daily we have the bicycle on-demand facility which will solve your transportation issues!

Overall, the Hive Hostels in Delhi provide a safe, comfortable, and luxurious accommodation option if you looking for a place to stay in Delhi. We look forward to welcoming you

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