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09 Jun 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

As beautiful and comfortable as the comfort of my home gets, the convenience, exposure, lessons, and memories that a hostel life will leave you with are invaluable.

Your exposure is limited when you stay at home. At a hostel, you have the exact people you’re looking to connect with. 

The hostel community is like an incubator that gets the great minds and talents together and creates the opportunity for collaboration and domination.

Here Are 13 Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Greater Than Just Living At Home:

  • Convenient Lifestyle

  • Financial Management

  • Time Management

  • Independence

  • Privacy

  • Convenient Travel

  • The Coliving Experience

  • Study Buddies

  • Hostel Parties

  • Harmless Pranks

  • Game All You Can 

  • Master Various Life Skills

  • From Strangers To Lifelong Friendships

1. Convenient Lifestyle

Hostel food may have a tough time keeping with the emotions of “Maa ka khana” but we sure do provide some of the tastiest food along with exceptional end-to-end lifestyle services.

The best part of staying in a private student hostel accommodation is the exceptional service you get. At Hive Hostels we have every convenience you would want and need for the ideal comfortable lifestyle. 

Right from the most aesthetic student hostel rooms with comfortable beds, wifi, air conditioning, a study table, windows, and all the other basic requirements in a room, right up to premises conveniences like vending machines, 4 meals, bicycles, gyms, entertainment zones, waste management, housekeeping.

You even have state-of-the-art security facilities at our student hostel facilities like biometric scans, CCTV surveillance, and the best staff trained and equipped to ensure a safe, happy, and comfortable environment. 

2. Financial Management

When you move out of your home and start your journey of life away from family, it becomes incredibly important to manage responsibly as an adult. 

You will learn the value of every saving you make, and also will understand the value it holds to compound and watch it grow to invest into your future, whether it be for fun or work when you embark on your student hostel journey.

3. Time Management

Once you are in a degree college you are going to be assigned more work to do in the form of projects, assignments, college events, studying, and to add to that trying to eventually get a job or internship.

Along with that, you should budget out time to engage in social activities, workouts, and some much-needed ‘Me Time’ to unwind. The art of learning how to bucket your time to efficiently execute your schedule is one of the most crucial and rewarding skills as an adult. The people who can deliver the most in the required time limit get rewarded the most.   

4. Independence

When you will be away from your family, it would be tougher for you to be dependent on them for every little thing, and that is amazing because the confidence and satisfaction of being independent are extremely crucial to developing you into a successful person. A lot of your chores and manual work is generally taken care of by our staff at Hive Hostels, but many decisions and actions taken have to be solely conducted on your own accord. 

However, this sort of independence that comes with student hostel accommodations is what is going to contribute majorly to your future success.

5. Privacy

Every growing teenager needs and wants their own space and privacy after that age. Live it up in your student hostel room, watch a movie, read, study, play, or laze around. 

Do what you want to do the way you like it, without receiving any judgments, provided you don’t break any hostel rules, of course. 

6. Convenient Travel

Every student hostel accommodation is ideally located to be within walking distance of your college campus to ease the travel to and fro from college. We even have bicycles available at our Hive Hostels to make your college commute even more convenient from your hostel accommodation.

7. The Coliving Experience

Living with people from different cities, religions, and ways of life may not be the easiest thing to do for someone new to it. However, the lessons you get to learn from everyone, whether good or bad, can all be used to develop your character as an individual with the right attitude. Getting an opportunity to live around and experience various cultures around you will build your personality and character to be richer.

8. Study Buddies

The best part of living in a student hostel accommodation is all the great people around who relate to your problems and are always there to seek help or comfort. Having study buddies around you who always help you with your studies, projects, and assignments is a convenience of the highest order. To top it all off will those revision groups be formed the week or day before the exam.

9. Hostel Parties

When you have several youngsters living together it isn’t the most difficult task to get a happening party to life. Hive Hostels have their scheduled parties and fun hostel experiences lined up for every great occasion and experience. Along with that, students always make their plans to party in the hotspots of the city.

10. Harmless Pranks

Hostel life wouldn’t be a complete hostel life without those friends that do stupid pranks to try and randomly scare you or fake something to fool you. These experiences are what make hostel life wholesome and leave you with the best of friends and memories for a lifetime.

11. Game All You Can 

With great entertainment zones with various games like carrom, table tennis, pool tables, chess, and many more depending on the hostel you stay at, you have a great unwind from a long day with your peers all readily available at our student hostel facilities. You can even play plenty of card games and made-up games like dumb charades and so on.

12. Master Various Life Skills

You never know what skills you could hone at a student hostel accommodation due to the diverse group of people you could be living with. Right from basic life skills like cooking or efficiency hacks, right up to skills like playing a guitar or swimming could be learned from your hostel accommodation. 

13. Strangers Become Best Friends

After all the time you will get to spend with your fellow roommates and the other students at the Hostel, you will get to know everyone on a much deeper level.

This will help you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.

You may even be lucky enough to find the greatest people you could ever know, end up building the greatest band you’ve ever felt and be left with memories to last a lifetime. 


A hostel experience is one like none other and is invaluable to building an individual's character and confidence.

It is an experience one shouldn’t miss out on when provided with the opportunity. A student hostel experience will leave you with lessons and memories to reminisce and cherish lifelong.

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