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  • Luxury Housing
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Give Your University A Reliable Hostel Partner

Hive Hostels are here to provide you with a reliable and flexible hostel service in Indore for your University. We have designed the best student-friendly atmosphere to help students easily access our amenities. Our luxurious service is something that students of today's generation demand. We highly focus on providing comfortable living which is suitable for the students. Keeping in mind the essential day-to-day activities of a student's life, we have brought the most convenient hostel facilities.

If you are looking forward to a hostel partner, then Hive Hostels in Sector 125 Noida will be at your service. We are here to provide the best luxury experience to your students. Our hostel service includes every essential amenity, such as a hygienic environment, nourishing food, gyming facilities, laundry, parking, housekeeping services, and many others. Moreover, we also offer students to be part of our Hive Connect program to form a great bond and help them excel in life.

A Complete Hygienic Environment

As Universities always want their students to preside in a hygienic environment, Hive Hostels strictly follow its safety standards. Our team takes care of the responsibility of keeping the room hygienic. We provide regular housekeeping service in the PG hostel in Indore and ensure that the rooms are hygienic. We still follow the COVID-19 guidelines and safety protocols. Moreover, we have our own safety rules set to make the students strictly follow them.

Nutrient-Rich Food Service

Students staying away from their homes always wish to have nourished food. Concerning the student's health, we serve nutrient-rich food to the students. We ensure that a perfectly balanced diet food is provided. Moreover, the source where we get food for the students is highly hygienic. We ensure that every meal provided is nutrient rich made with fresh items.

Well Organized Rooms And Common Areas

Our rooms are well organised to fit every student's demands. Whether the students need twin sharing, triple sharing, or anything else, every type of accommodation is available. We are concerned about the student's comfort and making rooms spacious. It is well arranged to accommodate both students and their belongings. Hence, universities can trust us with their hostel requirements.

Builds A Sense Of Community

We offer hostel services to promote community living and build good bonds among different students. So, it will help students from every region and community to enjoy a great travel experience in a fun and smoother way. Students will not feel homesick and will love to stay in a friendly environment. The universities who are in urgent need of a hostel near christ university Bangalore accommodation services and facilities are free to contact our team here.


  • Purpose To Property
  • Refurbished Your Property
  • Valuable Asset

Partner With Us To Utilise Your Property In A Better Way

With the rising demand for hostel accommodation services, Hive Hostels have started every possible way to provide the best service. Our goal is to provide full-fledged accommodation to college/university students. Our strategies include approaching landlords to rent their property or fully turn it into hostel accommodation. The landlords out there who want their property to serve a noble purpose are welcome to partner with us. We will be grateful to accept your humble approach to converting your property to a student hostel accommodation. We assure you to give your property the purpose it deserves. Hence, you don't have to worry about your service and property maintenance. Everything will be under our control and management.

Advantages Of Partnering With Hive Hostels

Add Value To Your Property

We will add value to your property by converting it to serve the students. It will become a valuable asset with high value. The status and standard of your property will remain high. People will start recognizing your property in a new identity. Moreover, it will be a kind gesture of help which ultimately adds value. And, undoubtedly, you will earn a great profit with our service.

Part Of Society's Need

The hostel in Mumbai for working women has become a highly needed accommodation service in India. With the growing number of colleges and universities, the demand for hostels is beyond imagination. Moreover, the parents want their children to live in a well- accommodated and safe environment. Therefore, partnering with our team will be a humble approach for society. We will together provide the essentials needed for the students in today's era. Hence, your property will become an important part of society's needs.

Necessary Refurbishment

We offer refurbishment services from our end. The landlords don't have to worry about the renovation work to convert their property into a well-organized hostel in Navrangpura Ahmedabad. We will take care of the entire refurbishment work. Every beneficial aid and feature will be added to your property to make it suitable for the students. Hence, we will finally convert your property into the best hostel accommodation service with amenities.

Things We Take Care Of On A Priority Basis

Legal Formalities

We take care of all the legal formalities needed in the process. We assure a hassle-free process to the landlords. We will obtain all the necessary approvals, licences, paperwork and documentation as per the laws from the concerned authorities. With a safe process, your property will be utilised to serve the students. We will discuss the agreements of property lease, renting, or transferring the ownership with you. Everything will be done in a legal process. We will make sure your property is safe and get proper guidance in terms of maintenance and security. We will provide you with copies of all legal documents.

Security Set Up

Security is the major thing we are highly concerned about. We ensure safety for both the students and your property. As we have taken responsibility for your property, security maintenance is our duty. We will take all the necessary security measures and provide CCTV facilities around the property of hostels in Noida for students. So, if you own a property that you want to convert into better service, get in touch with our team.





  • Pan-India Business Opportunity
  • Brand Recognition
  • Fair Business

We Welcome Vendors To Improve Our Business

Improvement is the major part of the business to outshine in the competitive world. This is why Hive Hostels is constantly looking to improve its services and amenities. We are searching for trustworthy and certified vendors with the necessary services to meet our service upliftment demand. We are ready to partner with the available vendors to hire their facilities and services. So, consult our team if you feel any of your services or facilities will benefit our accommodation business. We will be happy to partner with you to together provide hostel in Delhi accommodation services in the major cities of India.

PAN India Business Driving Opportunity

Vendors who help businesses to drive services across the nation are our major need. This is because our hostel accommodation service has started in top regions such as Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Bengaluru, Noida, Dehradun, Greater Noida, and Ahmedabad. We want to drive our business in every location to accommodate students' hostels. Hence, your service has the facility to drive our business at the national level; then, and we will feel grateful to partner with you. It will be a worthy investment for us to invest in your service to enjoy the benefits. Also, we are looking for services to run the business fairly.

Improving Marketing And Brand Recognition

We want sincere marketing help to improve our brand presentation. We want our service to get recognized all over the nation. Our marketing process needs the help of a vendor who can apply their strategies and marketing skills to improve our business. We need services that can help us reach universities, colleges, and students all over the nation. Vendors who provide excellent advertisement strategies with digital marketing ideas are welcome to partner with our team. We need to focus on our social media channels and website ranking. Hence, we are ready to partner with digital marketers who provide branding, SEO, and online marketing ideas.

Security Services

As we are in the student hostel in the Ahemdabad accommodation business, security is our major concern. If you are providing automated tracking and supervising security, we will be happy to partner for the long term. We want our students and the property under safe and enhanced security 24/7. Hence, we are looking for vendors with high-quality and accurate monitoring and tracking service for our business.

Property Management Services

We need to deal with multiple landlords all over India to manage their property which is under our accommodation business. Hence, we want to tie up with property management vendors who can help us to manage leases, agreements, rents, maintenance, and many more things. We also want services that can ensure regular maintenance with hygienic housekeeping services from garbage disposal to sanitization. For all our accommodations across India, we want to hire property management vendors to find tenants and conduct routine inspections.

We meet our constant service upgradation and improvement, any vendor who thinks their service can benefit our business can consult us here. We will feel glad to partner with you and hire you as our vendor.

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