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27 Sep 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

Finally, your new phase of life is going to start, and you are all set to embark on this new phase and your college journey. The only thing that worries you is the hostel. Firstly, which hostel to choose and secondly how the hostel life would be. 

First things first, if you are confused about what hostel to choose and you are not able to figure out what is the best option for you, simply visit Hive Hostels and get rid of all your hostel worries. We have the best hostels available pan India and that too in a budget-friendly fashion. 

Now coming to the second thing about hostel life, at Hive Hostels we assure you there would be not a single bad day. We take care of each and everything for you and ensure that you would feel comfortable living at Hive Hostels. 

Having said that, there's more to hostel life and that is your roommate and hostel friends. With these people, you will share and make memories that would last for a lifetime. You would learn quite a lot of things from others in terms of experience, culture, and many more things. 

Before moving to a hostel, we would like to give you a heads-up about what you are stepping into. 

New friends

Making friends and socializing is a part of college and hostel life. It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, you will make friends anyhow. You will vibe with your kind of people and bond over big and small things. While in the hostel, you will have roommates and hostel mates and you should mingle around, have meals together and introduce yourself to new people. You never know who your friend for a lifetime would be. You should participate in social events in and out of the hostel and experience this phase of life too. 

Sharing and caring becomes part of your life

It doesn't literally translate into giving out all that you have. But in a broader sense that when you are living in a hostel you share a part of your life with others and have shared experiences. But you also share your space with someone. Sharing food becomes a major part of your life no matter how big a Joey fan you are. As time transcends, you share clothes and utensils, and stories. Sharing and adjusting are the most important things you can expect at a hostel. It feels overwhelming at times, but this is a must-have life experience one should have for a better perspective on things and life in general 

A responsible being

No matter how much of an irresponsible child you are at home, once you step into hostel life there is a sudden wave of feeling responsible altogether. You need to take care of a lot of things and that too simultaneously. Since you will be on your own, you will be responsible for all your actions and belongings. The best thing hostel life teaches you is to be financially responsible. You learn how to budget your money and many more money-related things. Then you are responsible for trivial things like getting snacks or keeping a tab on laundry. On the other aspect, you become more time responsible, you reach for having meals on time. Hostel life does you good in terms of time and money for sure. 

Group studies

As kids, group study sessions would always turn into huge chat sessions. But in hostel life, since everyone is conscious of time and deadlines nobody wants to waste time and you rather study better in a group. You don't get stuck on topics and things as they get cleared up fast. And the sense of motivation it gives you also helps you to push yourself more to do better.

When staying at a hostel, you will realise that it is always better to study in a group, rather than alone.

There is a lot that you can expect at a hostel. Besides making you independent, punctual, and responsible, hostel life is also fun and provides you with the opportunity to meet interesting people. 

If you are looking for student hostels or PGs you should check Hive Hostels. We have the best facilities exclusively for students and at affordable prices. We make sure that you get the most comfortable living experience in Hive Hostels. 

Summary: Hostel life teaches you a lot of things. These are the qualities that would stay with you for a very long time and prepare you for the next phase as well. Get the best of your hostel life experience with Hive Hostels. We are located in Pan India. 

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