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29 Jul 2022 Posted by Hive Hostels

To put an end to this question, we would just say three words find a hostel NEAR YOUR COLLEGE. 

When choosing hostel accommodation in Mumbai there are a few things you should be mindful of. Of all the things, travel distance is the primary thing you should take care of. Since you have to go to college every day, the worse thing would be to spend hours and hours travelling to and fro from college to your PG. Imagine waking up at 5 in the morning to make it to a lecture at 7, this sounds crazy to imagine what it would be like executing it in real life. Things become easier if you live in on-campus hostels. 

But most of the on-campus hostels are not worth the stay, there are many cons rather than pros for these student hostels. 

This is why you should choose a student hostel other than that on campus. These private hostels are way better than the ones on campus. Firstly, they do not have strict timelines to go out and come back to the hostel. Plus, these hostels have all the facilities one could think of for a comfortable living. Hive hostels are one such hostel that provides a luxurious living experience by delivering each amenity one could think of. 

Mumbai is a tricky place to live in. You have to run several permutations and combinations to narrow down a location you would want to stay. That being said there is another set of things you need to take care of, some of these include proximity to your college (first and foremost). Then comes some nice places to shop and hang out. Rent and locality safety are unsaid mandates. 

We'll give you a quick overview of how Mumbai is if you are someone new shifting to Mumbai. This would be quick know-how of each location. 

  • Bandra is the cool part of Mumbai. It is where the heart is because it is where most of the cafes are. But Bandra burns a huge hole in your pocket rentwise. So, park Bandra for weekends.
  • Andheri is where that hardworking Mumbai image comes from. Jam-packed always, it would take at least 2 hours to get in and out of here. So, if you are planning to go to college at 6, then think of it. 
  • Powai is just too far away to even comment on it. So, we'll pass Powai

This brings us to the best-suited place for students. Proximity to malls, cafes, and colleges. Affordable! Happening! Just Perfect! Vile Parle

Now you would think we made this up, but we assure you we are saying things after doing some R&D and we are not shooting arrows in the dark when we say Vile Parle is the best place for students to live with some best boys' hostels and best girls’ hostels. 

Good for you we happen to have student hostels for both boys and girls in Vile Parle and also in areas surrounding it. We'll tell you why Vile Parle is the best place for students and student accommodations. 

Vicinity to your college

Well, if you are one of those high-scoring smart kids who manage to get into the country's top schools, firstly take a bow from us!

If you have got into one of these NMIMS or Mithibai College or Pearl Academy or School of European Pastry or IICTN  or Raffles Design International or Rachana Sansad or LS Raheja School of Art or Whistling Woods International or Actor Prepares or even S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Hive hostels is just a 5 minutes’ walk distance from any of these. Win-win situation, you'll be saving travel money, saving time and maybe a walk would be a healthy option too (just saying). Even if you are not a fan of walking 5 mins walk doesn't hurt, as your mom would say, not us. 

Connectivity to the city

Aster by Hive and Skyee by Hive hostels are located in the heart of Vile Parle, and also they are just 5 km away from the airport and merely 20 mins to Sahar Road station. Also, if you need to go to another part of the city the connectivity is really good.  

Cafe scene

Coffee first! We get it! A cup or two of good coffee is what you need to make a shitty tiring day better and vice versa. The explorer in you is peaking at this age and you wanna get out there as much as possible. The cafes in this area are not confined to coffee and pizzas only. Need a spicy pad thai or Chinese there's a place, a perfectly cooked dal makhani it has got you. You name the dish, and you'll get someplace that would be serving it. 


Safety first

You cannot ignore the fact of how important the presence of a medical facility in your local vicinity is. God forbid you have an ailment or a sudden rash, fever, or anything trivial or serious or major, you need to have a place to rush to at any hour. We at Hive hostels have an in-house first aid facility, but sometimes it is more than the paracetamol or band-aid you need. All of our student accommodations are chosen such that there is a 24*7 medical facilities available nearby. 

In Vile Parle, we don't have a couple of nearby hospitals, but 8 hospitals are close to our student hostels. 



Nowadays, shopping and salons are rather considered as therapy and pampering. When you are going to college you need to have clothes and loads of them (but that is a personal lifestyle choice we are not implying this is how it should be). And you need a salon for multiple things, regular trims etc etc (not naming each and everything here, because again a personal choice). But we need to have a place to go and shop for the stuff we require. You can get everything online too, but let's face it nothing beats the feel of the old-school way of trying and buying stuff. And sometimes the offers and stocks in stores are really amazing. 

Travellers LUXE by Hive and Dolphin by Hive hostels are situated near Churchgate and everything is at an arm's distance from here. We bet you cannot find a better place to spend the glorious days of your college and student life in Hive Hostels. 

If these 1000 words didn't convince you enough to land up straight in Vile Parle and at Hive Hostels, then call us and we'll tell you more about it. Get in touch with us to know more about student hostels at Hive Hostels.

Call us at 1800-572-0709 or email us at hello@thehivehostels.com

Summary: Choosing a place to live in Mumbai can be a tedious task. We are here to help you to choose the right place like Hive hostels in Vile Parle. We have the best student hostels in Mumbai. 

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