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Searching for a PG with great amenities, and reasonable rent near Manipal University in Jaipur? The Hive Hostels are the best choice!
The Hive Hostels is ideally situated centrally for students. It is simple to get to Manipal University in Jaipur on time because our hostel is close to the campus. Also, we have a variety of room options, including single, double, and triple occupancy, to accommodate your needs. Modern conveniences like air conditioning, workstations, and lots of storage are available in every room.

Your Luxury Stay in Jaipur

Dehmi Kalan

Starting from ₹ 15000

Amenities offered by the Hive Hostels:

All of these features and more are available at our PG near Manipal University in Jaipur. Here’s what you can expect to find at our PG in Jaipur

• Warm Beds:

After a long day, unwind on one of our cosy, spotless beds.

• Meals on Time:

To keep you content and healthy, we offer freshly prepared meals and warming beverages because we recognise how important a balanced diet is.

•Round-the-clock Security:

We take your safety seriously and offer security at all times to make sure you feel safe and comfortable while here.

• Doctor on call for medical crises:

we offer a doctor-on-call service.

• On-demand bicycle:

If you want to explore the city or merely commute every day to college, our bicycle-on-demand service will take care of your mobility needs!

• Access to free Wi-Fi:

Using our free Wi-Fi, which is available throughout the hostel, you may stay in touch with your loved ones, finish your academic work, or work remotely.

• Recreational Facilities:

Take a pause and unwind in our entertainment rooms, which include cosy lounging areas, vending machines, and board games.

We want to provide students with a secure, opulent, and comfortable lodging alternative at The Hive Hostels. We offer all you need for a successful and enjoyable stay, whether you're a student studying in Jaipur or simply seeking a high-quality PG close to the campus.

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